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Independent Galapagos at the Finch Bay Resort

How deep is your love of adventure? Is it deep enough to follow the course of Charles Darwin to discover your own love affair with the wildlife paradise of the Galápagos Islands? If so, this Independence by Globus vacation in Ecuador is pointing you in the right direction. Begin by exploring the historic heart of Quito and depart for parts unknown where blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises, and diving iguanas of the Galápagos give new meaning to mind-blowing discoveries. You’ll stay at the award-winning Finch Bay Eco Hotel on Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos, offering a private, seaside location to kayak, snorkel, bike, and take boat excursions to the various Galápagos Islands with expert Naturalists. Sail upon pristine waters to discover the perfectly evolved creatures who thrive on this volcanic archipelago. Stroll the sand where sea lions bask and albatross brace against the updrafts above the cliffs. Sail, snorkel, and simply stay in a state of astonishment through the sanctuaries of spectacular species on North Seymour, and South Plaza Island, and Santa Cruz Islands. Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station where conservationists work to protect the gentle giants for which the islands are named. You’ll also find the I-time you deserve to fall in love with adventure again!

Highlights of Independent Galapagos at the Finch Bay Resort

City Highlights

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This vacation includes the following Intra-Vacation Air segments in the vacation price: Quito/Galápagos; Galápagos/Quito.

Galápagos package includes Galápagos National Park entrance fee and transit card ($220 value) but will show separately on your invoice. These fees will be added to your Vacation Estimate.

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Maximum enjoyment of this vacation requires walking on uneven pathways and climbing stairs. Elevations exceeding 8,000 feet can make even modest exertion a challenge. Maximum elevation on this tour is 9,350 ft. In the Galápagos, there will be “wet landings” meaning guests will need to be able to jump in the water, out of the boats/zodiacs and walk a couple of meters to the beaches. Terrain is rocky and uneven.

Galapagos Islands itineraries are fully subject to change.

Travelers Notes

As outlined in the day-by-day itinerary below and private airport transfers to/from intra-vacation flights; Galápagos intra-vacation flights and taxes are included.

In Quito; Naturalist in the Galápagos

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Independent Galapagos at the Finch Bay Resort


City of Quito|Galapagos Islands

Independent Tour

Venture further to enjoy the world your way without the group. The experts at Globus put Peace of Mind first in travel planning. We take care of the details with included hotel accommodations, daily breakfasts and select meals, guided sightseeing, and transportation between cities. Explore confidently, knowing your Globus Local Hosts and GlobusGO mobile app provide you with tips and recommendations to personalize your tour and see the world your way.


Buffet breakfast daily; 4 lunches; 4 three-course dinners


Day 1

Welcome to Quito, where your hotel is available for mid-afternoon check-in.


Day 2

• Your included private city tour showcases the rich legacy left by the Incas and the Spaniards. See Independence Square, dominated by its formidable cathedral, San Francisco Plaza Church, and the Basilica with its marvelous stained-glass windows.



Day 3

• Fly to Baltra in the Galápagos.
• Upon arrival, board a yacht bound for North Seymour, an island teeming with life. You might have to give way to a passing sea lion, marine iguana, or blue-footed boobies that nest here. As you walk along the shore, see large flocks of pelicans in a dive-bomb feeding-frenzy, and one of the Galápagos’ largest nesting sites of the magnificent frigatebird. In the bushes you can see the males up close with their puffed-up scarlet throat sacs.
• Return to the yacht and continue to the Finch Bay Hotel.



Day 4

• Transfer to the lush highlands of Santa Cruz to a farming area called El Manzanillo on the edge of the Giant Tortoise Reserve. Here, tortoises can be seen grazing year-round, along with woodpecker finches, mockingbirds, and flycatchers.
• After lunch, visit a local farm, where coffee, sugar cane, and cocoa beans are grown, harvested, and prepared.
• Return to the hotel and perhaps spend time on the private beach.



Day 5

• This morning, travel to Punta Carrion on Santa Cruz Island for some time to snorkel. The shallow reefs and mangroves make this an ideal site to snorkel with plenty of reef fish as well as occasional sea lions and sharks.
• Next, sail to South Plaza Island, a small island full of fascinating wildlife, both along its shore and along its dramatic, wind-swept cliffs. Here you will see large, yellow land iguanas, swallow-tailed gulls, masked and blue-footed boobies, sea lions, and much more during your guided walk.
• Return to the hotel this afternoon.



Day 6

• Today’s adventure takes you to wildlife-rich Divine Bay on Santa Cruz Island. Marine iguanas, herons, noddy terns, blue-footed boobies, and tropicbirds are commonly seen here. You may explore by boat or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take to the sea by kayak. Keep an eye out for sea turtles, rays, and reef sharks as you cruise the tranquil waters.
• Return to the hotel for lunch, followed by an afternoon visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station, established to help conserve the Galápagos’ natural habitats and protect the area’s famous giant tortoises.



Day 7

• Depart the hotel this morning for the airport in Baltra. Then, fly to Guayaquil on Ecuador’s Pacific coast and transfer to the hotel for your final night in Ecuador.



Day 8

Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning.




# Air Start Date Land Start Date Land End Date Land Only Price Discount Final Departure Code Status
1 2024-06-07 2024-06-08 2024-06-15 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140608 Not Available
2 2024-06-14 2024-06-15 2024-06-22 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140615 Not Available
3 2024-06-21 2024-06-22 2024-06-29 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140622 Not Available
4 2024-07-05 2024-07-06 2024-07-13 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140706 Not Available
5 2024-07-12 2024-07-13 2024-07-20 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140713 Not Available
6 2024-07-19 2024-07-20 2024-07-27 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140720 Not Available
7 2024-07-26 2024-07-27 2024-08-03 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140727 Not Available
8 2024-08-02 2024-08-03 2024-08-10 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140803 Not Available
9 2024-08-09 2024-08-10 2024-08-17 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140810 Not Available
10 2024-08-16 2024-08-17 2024-08-24 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140817 Not Available
11 2024-08-23 2024-08-24 2024-08-31 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140824 Not Available
12 2024-08-30 2024-08-31 2024-09-07 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140831 Please Call
13 2024-09-06 2024-09-07 2024-09-14 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140907 Please Call
14 2024-09-13 2024-09-14 2024-09-21 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140914 Available
15 2024-09-20 2024-09-21 2024-09-28 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ140921 Available
16 2024-10-25 2024-10-26 2024-11-02 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ141026 Please Call
17 2024-11-08 2024-11-09 2024-11-16 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ141109 Available
18 2024-11-15 2024-11-16 2024-11-23 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ141116 Not Available
19 2024-11-29 2024-11-30 2024-12-07 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ141130 Not Available
20 2024-12-06 2024-12-07 2024-12-14 $5779 $0 $5779 ISQ141207 Not Available
21 2025-01-03 2025-01-04 2025-01-11 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150104 Available
22 2025-01-10 2025-01-11 2025-01-18 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150111 Available
23 2025-01-17 2025-01-18 2025-01-25 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150118 Available
24 2025-01-24 2025-01-25 2025-02-01 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150125 Not Available
25 2025-01-31 2025-02-01 2025-02-08 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150201 Not Available
26 2025-02-07 2025-02-08 2025-02-15 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150208 Not Available
27 2025-02-14 2025-02-15 2025-02-22 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150215 Not Available
28 2025-02-21 2025-02-22 2025-03-01 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150222 Not Available
29 2025-02-28 2025-03-01 2025-03-08 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150301 Available
30 2025-03-07 2025-03-08 2025-03-15 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150308 Available
31 2025-03-14 2025-03-15 2025-03-22 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150315 Available
32 2025-03-21 2025-03-22 2025-03-29 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150322 Available
33 2025-03-28 2025-03-29 2025-04-05 $6119 $0 $6119 ISQ150329 Available


# Name Description City Address Rating
1 Hilton Colon Quito - MET The Hilton Colon Quito hotel is 10 minute walk from the colonial Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This modern hotel enjoys spectacular views of the city. Amenities include a fitness center, spa, outdoor heated pool, 5 restaurants/lounges, laundry service, concierge, florist, barber shop, and gift shop. Quito Ave Amazonas N 1914 Y Patria Avenida 1 Superior First-Class
2 Finch Bay Eco Hotel - Finch Bay Room The Finch Bay Hotel offers a seaside location surrounded by mangroves. Amenities include a bar, lounge, restaurant, outdoor pool, and beachfront access. All rooms offer twin beds, private facilities, and air-conditioning. Galápagos Islands Barrio Punta Estrada S/N First-Class
3 Hilton Colon Guayaquil - Metro Guayaquil Av Francisco de Orellana Mz 111
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