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Natural Wonders of Costa Rica

If you were the type of kid who always marched to your own drum, this bold tour of Costa Rica is just the escape for you. Wide-open spaces, multi-hued creatures, and bright, vivid scenery welcome you with open arms and a no-holds-barred spirit. As you make your way through Costa Rica, lava trails, cloud forests, and high-in-the-sky suspension bridges invite you to take a walk on the wild side while scenic boat rides, nature walks, and natural hot springs beckon you to leisurely soak in the views. Frolic among hundreds of species of butterflies, birds, reptiles, and wildlife in the most vibrant rainforests, and feast on your own delicious Costa Rican creations in an authentic cooking class. With visits to an active volcano and exotic fruit plantations, plus several meet-and-greets with the native macaws and monkeys, this vacation to Costa Rica is bananas!

Highlights of Natural Wonders of Costa Rica

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Natural Wonders of Costa Rica

Travelers Notes

Prime viewing season for endangered green turtle nesting and egg laying in Tortuguero National Park occurs mid-July to mid-October.

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Globus offers Small-Group Discoveries on all South America tour dates. A Small-Group Discovery is limited to an average of just 20 guests per departure. There’s always room to roam with extra space between you and other travelers—while still getting up close and personal to the experiences you’ve been dreaming of. Small-Group Discoveries include all the features of a traditional Globus escorted tour, complete with expert Tour Director, Driver, and Local Guides who ensure that your health and safety is our top priority. A Small-Group Discovery trip is the perfectly sized tour—without the crowds.

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Natural Wonders of Costa Rica


We’ve packed everything you need for the perfect vacation—from hand-selected hotels and dining to the friendly expertise of Globus Tour Directors and Local Guides; to seamless transportation between destinations and VIP access to the world’s most iconic sites!

Price Details US

Gratuities for Tour Director and drivers are available for pre-purchase.


Breakfast daily, 6 lunches, 5 dinners


Day 1

Upon arrival, you will be met by your tour director!

Day 2

Journey east to the Caribbean shore and Tortuguero National Park. On the way, pass by several banana plantations and see one of Costa Rica’s main exports being harvested. Later, board a motor launch for your cruise along the Tortuguero Canals, waterways crisscrossing a national park dedicated to the protection of endangered turtles. The trained eyes of your guide and boatman help you spot freshwater turtles, caimans, herons, toucans, egrets, and monkeys. An afternoon at leisure lets you explore your jungle lodge until you meet for an informative slideshow presentation on the area. (B,L,D)

WONDERS OF NATURE Tortuguero National Park was once a volcanic archipelago until sediments from the nearby mountains filled in the valleys forming a network of marshy islands and turtle nesting beaches that make this region so famous. With its 11 different habitats, this lush, protected area is rich with wildlife and biodiversity.

Day 3

A local Naturalist accompanies you on a leisurely boat ride along remote, unspoiled sections of the park’s waterways, explaining the bountiful flora and fauna. Enjoy a fascinating stroll through an accessible portion of the nearby rainforest. During the peak nesting season (mid-July to mid-October) you may be lucky enough to observe an endangered green turtle laying her eggs under the starlight on an optional tour. Later this afternoon, meet a local Naturalist for an informative presentation on the ecology of the area. (B,L,D)

CONSERVATION MATTERS Tortuguero’s turtles that come to nest in the national park named for them are easily considered one of the main attractions of the park. Green Sea Turtles, leatherback, and Hawksbill turtles can all be found nesting on the beaches here. During your time here, learn about the conservation efforts that have been in place since 1955 to help protect these endangered species.

Day 4

A morning boat transfer begins your journey to the Sarapiqui area. Tour a [LF] pineapple farm, owned by a local family, and learn about the history, cultivation, and industry of pineapples and other indigenous crops. Continue to your hotel in the lush town of Arenal, located in the shadow of Arenal Volcano. After settling in, experience the magic of the resort before dinner at your hotel (B,L,D)

ACCOMMODATION SPOTLIGHT Lush tropical gardens, the sound of crashing waterfalls, and striking views of Costa Rica’s famed Arenal Volcano from Volcano Lodge will leave you feeling as though you have been transported into the middle of a hidden rainforest jungle but, with all of the comforts and amenities of a well-tended retreat. Experience the magic of the resort’s pool and hot spring-fed jacuzzi, or consider a walk in the nearby nature trail in search of 300- to 400-year-old trees, frogs, monkeys, birds, and possibly small animals native to the area.

Day 5

This afternoon, visit Arenal Volcano National Park, where your guide takes you on a walk through lava trails of the volcano and shows you how nature has found a way to recover from past lava flows. Next, enjoy a walking tour of the town of La Fortuna de San Carlos, offering spectacular views of the active Arenal Volcano. This evening, drive to nearby [LF] Ecotermales Hot Springs for a dip in the curative and relaxing pools. Later, enjoy a dinner at the hot springs. (B,D)

WONDERS OF NATURE Towering over the town of La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano is a perfect conical shape. It was once the most active volcano in Costa Rica with its lava flowing and gas consistently flowing from the crater amazing visitors of the area. In 2010, it entered a resting phase. But, because of the seismic activity of the area, you will find some of the best natural thermal hot springs.

EXPLORE MORE During your morning at leisure, you may wish to go on an optional horseback ride or float trip. Or, you can take advantage of your resort’s amenities by walking along the shaded trails nearby. This and more options throughout your tour are available for purchase with MyGlobus. Get local maps and tips for free time on your GlobusGO mobile app.

Day 6

ARENAL–MONTEVERDE Heads in the Clouds
After breakfast, continue to Monteverde, where you will enjoy two days in the cloud forest. This afternoon, take a guided tour on the Sky Walk Hanging Bridges, which combines trails and suspension bridges through the canopy of Monteverde Cloud Forest, to search for flora and fauna. (B,L)

PICTURE PERFECT Explore the cloud forest from the Sky Walk Hanging Bridges for a bird’s eye view high above the jungle floor. This Naturalist-guided tour introduces you to the flora and fauna of the Costa Rican cloud forest. Consisting of 6 bridges with some bridges spanning over 700 feet long and over 150 feet high, this is truly a unique way to admire the forest canopy.

Day 7

This morning, visit Santa Elena Cloud Forest for a guided walking tour. Over 600 species of butterflies and 400 species of birds have been recorded inside this private reserve, along with 100 reptile and 120 mammal species that hide within the dense vegetation. Later, visit the family-owned [LF] Ecological Sanctuary, where you will explore the trails through coffee and banana plantations filled with endemic wildlife and beautiful scenery. After the walk, enjoy a cooking class. Tonight, your Tour Director hosts a farewell dinner, toasting an unforgettable discovery of Costa Rica. (B,L,D)

LOCAL TASTES Treat yourself to a visit to a leisurely stroll through a banana and coffee plantation, and take a cooking class to learn how to prepare authentic Costa Rican food like hand-made tortillas, picadillos, and gallo pinto. Dine on your creations for a homemade lunch!

Day 8

En route to San José, visit Sarchi Village, known as the center of Costa Rican handcrafts and where you will see the artists in their workshops making the famous oxcarts. Next stop is Grecia Village to see the metal church that was imported from Belgium to Puerto Limon in 1897. The church was transported by oxcarts to its present-day location, but sat in the plaza for 10 years before being reconstructed. (B,L)

CULTURAL GEMS Visit the local village of Sarchi and see firsthand how the traditional ox carts are hand-painted. Once used to transport coffee and sugarcane, these are now pieces of art with intricate designs.

Day 9

SAN JOSÉ Safe travels until we meet again!
Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (B)


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# Name Description City Address Rating
1 Cariari Hotel San Jose This sustainable Costa Rica hotel is typical of San Jose colonial hacienda architecture and offers spacious, comfortable guestrooms and suites with the latest amenities. Enjoy total convenience in its location, personalized services, delicious cuisine, and facilities like the pool and fitness center. Let the friendly staff help you relax while catering to your needs and helping you see all that Costa Rica has to offer. San Jose San Antonio De Belen, Heredia Superior First-Class
2 Evergreen Lodge Built in respect of its surrounding nature, the Evergreen Lodge provides travelers with absolute comfort, great food, and most importantly, an unobstructed experience with nature. A beautiful dining room with soaring ceilings provides first class meals in an atmosphere that reflects and compliments the jungle paradise surrounding it, and friendly staff welcome you to this magical place called Tortuguero. Tortuguero Tortuguero National Park First-Class
3 Volcano Lodge & Gardens With an exceptional location and views of Arenal Volcano, this hotel surpasses expectation in comfort, service, and class. Guests will feel at ease with modern room amenities, clean lines, and tasteful décor. Dining options, spa services, and a choice of pool and lounge settings make your stay in Arenal unforgettable, as well as its convenient access to the wildlife and nature surrounding it. Arenal La Fortuna First-Class
4 El Establo Mountain Lodge Set on a private 150-acre farm adjacent to the Monteverde Reserve, El Establo Mountain Lodge offers guests a home base of relaxation and activity. Amenities include tennis, basketball, and soccer courts, two indoor pools, two restaurants, two bars, gym, and spa. Monteverde San Pedro First-Class
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