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Travel Experts’ Tips to Plan Your Honeymoon on a Budget

May 16, 2021BlogComments Off on Travel Experts’ Tips to Plan Your Honeymoon on a Budget

Honeymoon is the best phase of a couple’s life and a gateway to new beginnings. Be it an outdoor adventure or exploring a new city of your dreams, the vacation has to be enjoyable and a pure celebration of your evolved relationship. But does it have to be financially stressful? Of course not. It is entirely possible to plan a honeymoon on a budget so that you don’t detract from other financial commitments and priorities.

Here are a few crucial things that we suggest –

  1. Planning in Advance

It is always best to plan for your honeymoon at least six months in advance. When you book last-minute, the package becomes expensive, and the options are pretty limited. By starting your research in advance, you get to decide the right destination and activities that you both can enjoy as a couple.

  1. Knowing Your Priorities

You must figure out your honeymoon priorities first. Look into what excites you the most. What parts of the vacation are necessary, and what aspects are you open to happily compromise on? Only when you know your needs can you find a way to fulfil them.

  1. Setting Up a Budget

A crucial part of honeymoon planning is creating a budget. And it is no different than other types of financial budgeting you have done in your life. So, sit down with your significant other and devise a budget based on your maximum spending limits. Once you know ‘how’ much you have to spend, you can then decide ‘where’ and ‘when’.

  1. Searching for a Package Deal

Whether you and your partner plan to explore the giant mountains or the vastness of the oceans, you can always find a travel agent and book yourself a vacation as a package. The itineraries and arrangements of these deals are devised to get the most value on every penny spent.

  1. Travelling Off-Season

Do you wish to save money on your honeymoon? Then, visit the same destination in the off-season. The demand is leaner, and the flight and accommodation prices are lower. However, weather can be an issue at times; so, pick the shoulder season – and enjoy the best of both worlds.

  1. Cashing In Credit Points

A rewards credit card can save you tons of money when planning your honeymoon. You can get discounts and cash backs on hotels and airfare booking. To make the most of each point received, pick the dates that match points-available flights and hotel rooms.

  1. Limiting the Number of Tourist Spots

You might be interested in visiting every nook and corner of the city, but remember, it will come at a cost. Taxi charges, multiple hotel check-ins, and other similar incidentals are going to add up to your budget and tire you unnecessarily. So, it is best to make a wish list of the places you cannot miss and leave the rest for some other time. You and your spouse are on a honeymoon to spend time together and not fight for attention.

  1. Opting for an Alternative Airport

It may sound inconvenient but it is incredibly cost-effective. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, do compare flight charges to all airports surrounding your honeymoon destination. Go for a smaller or farther airport at least at one end of your trip and see the difference it makes to your expenses.

  1. Waiting for the Best

No rule says you have to book your honeymoon right away. If your wedding consumed too much time and money, take time to plan for the honeymoon. Go on a weekend getaway instead, just like a “mini-moon,” and save for a more extensive trip later on. Keep calm till you get your perfect travel deal.


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