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Useful Tips for Booking Cruise Holidays

March 1, 2019BlogComments Off on Useful Tips for Booking Cruise Holidays

So, you’re planning your dream cruise trip. Wow! You’re setting up for the best trip of your life. Undoubtedly, at least once in a life, everyone should go on a cruise trip. And if you’re the lucky one going for a cruise holiday, make sure that this once in a lifetime holiday is absolutely perfect.

Usually, people don’t go on a cruise trip often which means they know little about these trips. So, to avoid any hassle and keep it as special as possible, they make all sorts of arrangements. However, despite all planning and preparations, things can still go wrong. Planning and booking a cruise holiday can seem daunting if you have never before embarked on such an adventure. But don’t worry! In this post, you’ll find some great tips to make sure that your cruise holiday goes on smoothly.

Select your destination

Just like you book flight tickets and hotel rooms, you will be booking a cruise. However, when it comes to booking a cruise, there are a lot of options available to choose from. So, first, you need to determine where you want to visit such as Mediterranean, Caribbean, Baltic, and Scandinavian areas. All these areas have a wide choice of the cruise line and various itineraries from short trips to longer cruises. You’ll get the details about the itineraries from the ports.  It is better to talk to a cruise specialist at any reliable travel agency because they have knowledge of most cruise ships and can provide you with the best knowledge about cruises.

Select Right Ship and Book Early

The most important thing is to book the right ship. This is because not all ships are the same and each cruise line and ship has a different ambiance. You need to first select the cruise line and then book the right ship. You’re going for a holiday which means you want the best entertainment and recreational options. The ship you book should have all the facilities you’re looking for to make the most of your trip. Depending on your requirements, look for meal services, gyms, spas, libraries and whatever you think you’ll need. In addition to facilities, the size of the ship is also important. If you want a quiet and peaceful ambiance, small ships may be right for you. Big ships, on the other hand, have endless recreational options.

Whichever ship you choose, make sure you book ahead for the best deals. If you book at last time, you’ll need to pay more and may not find the cabin of your choice. People book cruise in advance so that they get a cabin of their choice.

Choose your cabin carefully

After selecting the ship, next you need to choose your cabin. For this, first, consider where you’ll be spending more time- port or sea. It doesn’t make sense to spend a huge amount on a balcony cabin/stateroom, if you’ll be spending more days in port. However, if a major part of your trip will be spent on the ship, choose cabins wisely.  Though cruises are designed to minimize sea-sickness, still, if you’re concerned about it, choose a cabin in mid-ship as they are less affected in rough seas. Also, according to your preference, you may want a cabin near the swimming pool or away from the nightclub. If you want sea-view, check if the stateroom has a view of lifeboats. In the case of obstructed view rooms, it’s better to rather choose interior balconies which look out on to the promenade decks on the ship.

Pre-book drinks packages

If you want to avoid paying for expensive drinks on board, pre-book drinks packages before you go. This is because purchasing drinks on a cruise can be very costly and many companies offer early booking incentives.

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